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Terms and Conditions

Alian Skills Website – Terms and Conditions

I understand that the purpose of the Alian Skills individual diagnostic platform is to allow individuals the ability to demonstrate their application of knowledge.  The individual or an organisation may use their results or feedback to carry out further self-development or allow their results to influence the decision of others.

Any results or feedback must be used in conjunction with other personal assessment activities to provide conclusive proof of an individual’s knowledge and skills.

By using the Alian Skills diagnostic platform, I agree to use it for the purposes set out above.

I agree not to use the data or information found on this or any other associated Alian Skills website for any of the following:

  • Knowledge activity
  • Competence activities
  • Recruitment activity
  • Marketing/promotional activity
  • Research
  • Telesales or any other sales activities

I also understand that I or others are not permitted to capture/recreate/replicate any of the data of information located on this or any associated Alian Skills website(s) in any way, either to use personally or to sell to a third party. To do so will be a breach of the terms of use of this website and may also be a breach of the Data Protection Act (DPA) 1998.

The result(s) and feedback given from the Alian Skills diagnostic platform will provide others with ‘an indication’ of an individual’s ability (knowledge & skills) in the chosen area(s) that they have been measured against. Alian Skills do not accept any liability or resulting action(s) from any result(s) or feedback given by the Alian Skills diagnostic platform.

If a user finds anyone in breach of these terms and conditions above they must notify Alian Skills as soon as reasonably possible they have knowledge of or someone is acting accordingly.