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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Alian Skills needed?

Organisations need to be able to demonstrate the knowledge and skills of their staff so that ‘customers’ are able to buy product and services from that organisation with confidence.

Alternately an organisation may wish to recruit an individual but unless they can demonstrate that they have the necessary skills, the future employer may be leaving their organisation open to engage with an individual that may not necessarily have the knowledge and skills they are looking for.

The organisation needs to focus on the development of their staff, where do they begin? Rather than ‘sheep dip’ which is the traditional way to train all the staff why not focus the training in the areas that need addressing.

How do they do that?

Simple….Measure the competence of staff so they can demonstrate that through certification, not as easy as it always appears that sending staff away is usually at a high cost, training course, expenses, loss of revenue. The challenge is to accomplish this in a ‘cost effective’ manner. Alianskills provides a knowledge / competence measurement solution that is very easy to access as well as being at a low cost. It could be said that Alianskills is in fact an “individual diagnostic tool”.

How do they do it?

Many systems out in the market place measure the knowledge of an individual. It has been seen that many individuals can simply ‘read a book’ and achieve the required % in a test. Alianskills takes this one step further and measures the ‘application of knowledge’, yes the individual needs to know the knowledge but it is vital that the individual can apply that knowledge in the correct manner.

What options are there?

A customer can select from a range of options, three main options exist.
These can be from a:

  • single area of expertise
  • predefined job role
  • specific role structure within an organisation

How can I engage?

Register your details, use the various options to choose your required option, use the easy payment tool, engage with the ‘test’, retrieve the results and the report.

Will it be a multi-choice test?

No, although we believe that multi-choice has its place in testing, the optimum way to measure an individuals application of knowledge is through a variety of testing methods which includes pictures, matching words, process selection, video/animation. A selection of variation within the ‘application of knowledge’ test will measure an individual’s skill and ability to perform.

What happens at the end of the assessment?

The individual (and if selected, the employer) will receive a detailed report (emailed to them to their desired address) which will indicate both their strengths and may be their weaknesses. This will be in the form of an easy to understand graphical display as well as a detailed report on the performance in each of the areas selected. This will indicate and areas of strength as well as areas of weakness (areas of improvement required).

What happens if I don’t pass?

If a weakness is identified to an individual, the weakness area will be flagged up to which various options of how to remedy that weakness will also be highlighted. Training can be delivered in various ways today, from ‘face to face’ classroom based instructor led training, webinars, seminars through to e-learning. Once the learning has been completed the individuals can retake the appropriate section so they can demonstrate they have achieved the application of knowledge requirement.

What will the individual receive once successfully completed?

The individual’s success will be logged on a Record Of Achievement (ROA), printable if required, so they can demonstrate to an employer, prospective employer or customer that they have the current skills required to deliver what is required.

Will it expire?

Yes, technology is moving at a fast rate especially in some industries such as the automotive sector. An individual has to continually update themselves on the latest techniques to keep themselves abreast of the technology advancements. An individual will need to successfully complete further assessments over a period of time so they can demonstrate their current status.

The online ROA will always show the individuals current status and therefore there is no need to keep a ‘hard copy’ record of the achievement to-date.

The individual can also record any training / CPD that they engage with so it’s a tool that can be bespoke to the individual / employer.

Could I use it to promote my business?

Yes, Alianskills want businesses to promote that they employ competent staff which installs ‘confidence’ in the customer for that business.